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AI Social Mixer: Bridging Minds - Founders, Investors, and Researchers Edition

Hosted by IntelliGen & 3 others
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San Francisco, California
Past Event
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About Event

Get ready to amplify your AI journey at the AI Social Mixer: Founders, Investors, and Researchers Edition. Let's redefine the boundaries of innovation together! 🌟🤖

Delve into the forefront of artificial intelligence as we unite the brightest minds in the field under one roof. Whether you're a visionary founder, an astute investor, or a cutting-edge researcher, this event is your gateway to forging connections that will shape the future of AI.

🎉 Why Attend:

🔸 Unparalleled Networking: Connect with a curated group of AI enthusiasts, fostering collaborations that transcend traditional boundaries and fuel innovation.

🔸 Investment Opportunities: Investors will discover promising AI startups and projects that have the potential to reshape industries and yield substantial returns.

🔸 Knowledge Exchange: Engage in vibrant discussions with leading researchers, gaining fresh insights into AI's evolving landscape.

🔸 Elevated Inspiration: Immerse yourself in an environment that fosters creativity and sparks the imagination, driving you to explore new AI frontiers.

🔸 Exclusive Community: Become part of an exclusive community that continues to grow beyond the event, fostering ongoing connections and collaborations.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to be part of an event that bridges the gaps between AI founders, investors, and researchers. Together, we will shape the future of artificial intelligence.

Limited spots are available. RSVP now to secure your place at the AI Social Mixer!

This AI Social Mixer is co-hosted and operated solely by AI+, IntelliGen, and Rad Ninjas (and not Yahoo Inc. nor any of its affiliates or brands, including TechCrunch).

About IntelliGen

IntelliGen, a brainchild of CMU alums and students, hunts good AI products and conducts weekly product reviews! We also host fire chat sessions with AI founders, AI PMs, and researchers, and offline AI meetups with CMU alumni to help founders match great talents.
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About AI+

AI+ is a global AI founders community that delves into the potential of AI across diverse sectors. LLMs will penetrate all industries, championing enterprise-level solutions and fostering collaboration. Our community includes unicorn founders, AI pioneers, and scholars, all united in leveraging AI for industrial and business growth.
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About RAD Ninjas

​RAD Ninjas, or Random Access Developer Ninjas, is a collective of Machine Learning Experts, Community and Event Organizers, Music Producers, DevOps/CyberSecurity, and Founders that have been conducting in-depth workshops in the Bay Area pushing the latest and greatest from the AI OpenSource Community. We want to empower developers with resources and insights to stay on the cutting edge of AI.
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