Cover Image for GMAT Reading Comprehension Booster
Cover Image for GMAT Reading Comprehension Booster
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GMAT Reading Comprehension Booster

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Are you preparing for the GMAT and looking to enhance your reading comprehension skills? Join Tim F in this GMAT Reading Comprehension Booster Class to master this crucial section of the exam.

​After scoring a 600 on his practice GMAT, Tim was able to boost his score to 770 on the actual test. He has since helped numerous test-takers achieve their target scores.

​In this class, you will:

Gain In-Depth Strategies: Learn proven strategies and techniques to approach GMAT reading comprehension questions with confidence. We'll break down the complex passages and help you understand them better.

Build Critical Skills: Develop critical thinking and analytical skills that are essential for GMAT success.

Practice with Real GMAT Questions: Work through real GMAT reading comprehension questions to get a feel for the actual exam. I’ll provide you with practice materials and expert insights to improve your performance.

Boost Your Speed and Accuracy: Time management is crucial on the GMAT. Learn how to read efficiently while maintaining accuracy, ensuring you complete the reading comprehension section on time.

​Interested in additional topics, such as quant, verbal, and study tips? Be sure to register for all GMAT + GRE Week Sessions here.

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