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Workshop: Open Source for Designers

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💜 How can designers contribute to open source projects?

Thrilled to announce that Veethika Mishra will be teaching the “Open Source for Designers” module for our Fellows, and will also be exploring this theme in a workshop this weekend! ✨

The series of 3 workshops is free and invite-only, with the first session on the 18th of September!

Some myths Veethika will bust in this module:

❌ Open source is just for developers.
❌ Tools used in open source are too technical.

With over a decade’s experience in the design space, Veethika is currently a senior product designer at GitLab. She has spent a big part of her career shaping the experience for open source softwares.

An advocate for the participation of designers in the open source movement, she wants to make technology accessible for everyone.