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reDEFIne: The Future of France

Hosted by IPOR Labs, Andrei from LI.FI & Swaap
Past Event
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About Event

Join some of the top DeFi minds for an evening of canapés, cocktails, and conversations about DeFi on a [stationary] boat on the Seine, 5 min walk from the ETHcc6 venue hosted by IPOR Labs, Swaap Finance, and LI.FI.

Mingle with some of the teams pioneering DeFi adoption from credit markets infrastructure to improved DEX AMM design to powering cross-chain asset swap.

The event will begin with a relaxed start at 6 pm with some socializing followed by a few DeFi-focused presentations and panels by DeFi builders. There will be an open bar with a barbecue and a DJ.

Join and find out how DeFi builders are redefining the future of finance.


🔶 18:00-19:00 - Welcome drinks

🔶 19:00-19:05 - Hosts introduction

🔶 19:05-19:25 - Panel 1 - Credit Markets Growth through DeFi Primitives and RWA with Darren (IPOR Labs), Ilgiz (Gearbox), Laurent (MEV Capital), Vlad (IPOR Labs, Moderator)

🔶 19:25-19:45 - Keynote - Are you really making 20% APY? Lessons from our AMM simulator by Cyrille Pastour (Swaap)

🔶 19:45-20:05 - Panel 2 - Crossing Boundaries: The Future of Cross-Chain Liquidity in DeFi with Alex (Velodrome), Dmitriy Berenzon, (1kx), Mark Murdock (LI.FI), Andrei (0xCerberus, Moderator, LI.FI)

🔶 20:05-20:30 - VC Panel- Investing in the bear preparing for the bull with Rui Zhang (gumi Cryptos), Ciara Sun (c squared ventures), Jeremy Wallis (New Form Capital), Darren Camas (IPOR Labs, Moderator)

🔶 20:30-23:00 Open networking, drinks, and BBQ