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Collab Rabbit Hole Sesh: Internet Oases

Hosted by Sari
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Our second collaborative rabbit hole sesh of the year will be facilitated by the one and only Rob Hardy (startupy microgrant recipient and author of my favorite thing I read in 2022) on the topic of Digital Oases.

What is a Digital Oasis, you ask?

Our modern internet is noisy, commoditized, soulless. But sometimes you stumble into a corner of the internet built by someone who's ignored the rules, and optimized for delight. Their worlds feel artisanal and human—those rare digital destinations that are so safe, nourishing, and alive that it begins to bring out the best in us.

Come for an afternoon of discussing our favorite corners of the internet, those places that restore our faith in what the internet can be. Then we'll spend time writing love letters to their creators, and submit them to this site where Rob has been lovingly cataloguing them.

Brainstorm a few of your favorite internet oases beforehand, along with what you love about them!

If this speaks to you, RSVP. Spaces are limited.