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🔥 Fireside Chat: Getting into Climate Tech w/ Candice Ammori, Yin Lu, & Eugene Kirpichov

Hosted by Denise Devlyn & Candice Ammori
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🌱 Attend this session moderated by Jack Fritzinger to learn more about how to successfully transition into the climate tech space! 

About the Speakers
Candice Ammori advises climate tech startups and was most recently the Founding Director of On Deck Climate Tech where she built a startup ecosystem and invested in climate tech companies. In the last year, she brought together 750+ people from across the global climate tech ecosystem, from policy experts to investors and founders, and helped talented folks start dozens of impactful organizations. Before that, her career spanned finance, data science, VR, cloud computing, and running a local business. She has a grad degree in statistics (focused on the ethics of AI) from the University of Michigan.

After spending 10+ years at companies like Google, Coursera and Khan Academy, Yin Lu recently transitioned into climate investing and is a partner at MCJ Collective, which has invested in 70+ climate tech companies to date and is the creator of the "My Climate Journey" podcast. At MCJ, she focuses on investments, post-investment support, and community building all with a lens toward ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion are at the forefront of decision making.

Eugene Kirpichov left Google to work on climate. He is spending his career helping solve the climate crisis and currently runs Work On Climate is a non-profit focused on making climate work mainstream and bringing 100M people into climate jobs. It is home to the world's largest climate community (featured in Fast Company and Vox) and is expanding to embed climate work into every part of the mainstream talent ecosystem.