Cover Image for Launch: Get London Building
Cover Image for Launch: Get London Building
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Launch: Get London Building

Hosted by Britain Remade
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London has a housing crisis. House prices in London are now 12.5 times average incomes. The last time they were this high relative to the average salary, Queen Victoria was on the throne.

Housing in London doesn’t have to be unaffordable. It is a choice. For too long, we have chosen not to build enough to meet demand.

The next mayoral election is an opportunity to change this. It is time to make a different choice. It is time to choose to build again.

Get London Building is our practical plan for how the winner of the next mayoral election can tackle the capital’s housing shortage. Come along to our launch event and together, let's lay the foundations to Get London Building.

One Great George Street
1 Great George St, London SW1P 3AA, UK
The Council Room, One Great George Street.
121 Going