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Get Your Well On: A Wellness Workshop Series For The COVID Era

Hosted by Shift Collab
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Let's be honest: This fall is is hard on our mental wellness.

To help support the Centennial community during this time, CCSAI ( and Real Campus ( have teamed up to present a workshop series on building skills to improve your mental wellness.

This five part series breaks down like this:

  1. Tuesday October 6 at 4pm: Keeping Focus in a Noisy World  We'll dig into how you can improve your focus on what matters to you, limiting distractions, and getting out of your own way.

  2. Tuesday October 13 at 2pm: Making Self-Care Work For You  We'll explore how we can feel good about taking time away from work and school to take better care of ourselves.

  3. Tuesday October 20 at 4pm: Build Your Resilience  We'll cover how each of us can bounce back from challenges in all areas of life.

  4. Tuesday October 27 at 2pm: Managing Loneliness We'll focus on staying connected with those we care about during our time of isolation and Zoom fatigue.

  5. Tuesday November 3 at 4:00pm: Keeping Stress in Check We'll look at how stress shows up for each of us and what we can functionally do to control of it.

Advance registration is required. By registering for this series, you don't have to attend all of the sessions (though it would be awesome if you did!). Sessions are free and open to all Centennial students.