Cover Image for GenLab Hack III - AI Agents & Fintech ($15K Cash Prizes + Platform Credits)
Cover Image for GenLab Hack III - AI Agents & Fintech ($15K Cash Prizes + Platform Credits)
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GenLab Studio invites individuals and teams to our 3rd hackathon with $15K in cash awards. We're intrigued by how AI Agents will interoperate in the world of transactions and finance, and we're excited to see what people build. Projects can start from scratch or have up to $1M in revenue and funding to be eligible for prizes.

Platform Partners and Sponsors, please submit inquiries here:

Keynote Speaker:

• ​Philip Rosedale, Founder of Second Life​ (

Finalist Judges:

• Robert Scoble (
• Charlene Li (
• Jeremiah Owyang (Blitzscaling Ventures -
• Aku Srikanth (Juniper Networks -
• Nicolai Wadstrom (BootstrapLabs -

​Preliminary Judges:
(Experienced startup judges can apply here - all judging takes place IRL on Sunday 3/16: )

  • Yingjing Lu

  • Carlos Murguia

  • Barkley Dai

  • Shawn @swyx Wang

  • Taranjeet Singh

  • Jeff Davis

  • Shubham Nigam

  • Girri Palaniyapan

  • Runde Yang

  • Rush Shahani

  • Atal Agarwal

  • Bhushan Sonawane

  • Robert Chandler

  • Lisa Zhu

  • Henry Skull

  • Soniya Ahuja

  • Vansh Gehlot

  • Ankit Chandra

  • Meliana setiawan 

  • Debarag Banerjee

  • Hans Paul Pizzinini (

  • Michael Choupak 

  • Claire Xie (Clink AI/Women in AI Club)

  • Lily Xianling Zhang

Join our Discord to connect with teams and projects, and receive important announcements! (

​GL3 Hackathon Sponsors

Optimism - $2000 for best implementation with Optimism
Build a world that benefits all, owned by none.

Upstreet AI - Lunch Sponsor (
Upstreet, we help humans connect with other humans... and AIs in a virtual world. Come play
https://https// - $1,000: Best implementation prize with
Honcho is a user context management solution for building AI agents and LLM powered applications. 

Blust.AI - $800 Special Prize for the Best App Built or Integrated with Blust.AI Studio
+ Platform access to participants

​Producing Partner:

AI will enable a world of Intelligent Agents and Autonomous systems, from chatbots to robots. GenLab is looking to see how Trusted AI can build Agents, enable humans who provide individual services, and allow humans to accomplish more in their day-to-day lives.

Areas of Focus:

  • Fintech: Money is the backbone of our world today. To interact with modern society, financial autonomy must be had. Will we allow AI to interact with our finances? In many respects, we already do. What does the future of AI and Fintech look like?

  • Supply Chain: Automated Invoicing and Payments, through new Financial Vehicles, can take the Quote to Cash process from months to seconds. How do you build the mechanisms of trust legal contracts and find areas that can be improved?

  • AI Agents: Autonomous agents that can act and translate on behalf of their owners, making basic decisions based on rules and logic, with humans in the loop only as necessary.

  • Virtual Worlds: In-game currencies and virtual goods are profit engines. How will these economies operate between new AI-powered NPCs (Non-Player Characters) that may even purchase digital goods of real players? Second Life, one of the earliest virtual worlds, has long been profitable from its virtual currency and has forged some of the original concepts in digital currencies and economies. How will agents disrupt this industry?

    • Our keynote speaker is Phillip Rosedale, Founder of Second Life

  • Blockchain: Will Generative AI give Blockchain a purpose? Blockchain is proving to be an important underlying technology that can provide security, decentralization, immutability, and zero-knowledge proofs, as well as transferring and storing value. How can Blockchain be leveraged for AI Agents to increase security and provide better guardrails for authentication, security, and protection of our data and finances?

  • Energy: Energy is the root form of money; how will new intelligent systems create advanced brokering agreements between distributed energy systems? How will fully autonomous vehicles charge themselves in a diversified charging ecosystem?

  • Legal: Autonomous systems will need the authority to transact on your behalf.
    How can systems be agile without lengthy pre-negotiated contracts? How will systems understand legal contracts and negotiate between parties and between themselves?

We look forward to seeing what everyone creates!

Schedule (subject to update):

Saturday; 3/16/2024:
9a: Doors Open - Light Bites & Hacking Begins!
​10a: Keynote: Philip Rosedale - Founder; Second Life (
​10:30a: Opening Remarks, Orientation, Sponsor & Partners/Platform Credit Presos & Info
11a: Team Intros & Formation
1p: Lunch
7p: Dinner
Late: Hack, Hack, Hack!

Sunday; 3/17/2024:
9a: Doors Open - Light Bites & Back to Work!
2p: Project Submissions Cutoff
2p: Lunch
3p – 5p: Preliminary Judging Round
5p – 6p: Judging Tally & Finalists Selected
6p – 8p: Finalist Presentations and Judging
8p – 8:30p: Late Bites, Drinks, Networking
8:30p – 10p: Awards Ceremony, Celebration & Networking

Hackathon Rules can be found here

GenLab (GenLab.Studio) is an AI-focused venture studio and a Digital Garage portfolio company. Digital Garage is a Japanese firm that’s funded over 300 companies (

GenLab / Digital Garage: 717 Market St. SF, CA
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