ADPList Genius Hours #8: Did you mean to do that? Intentionality for creatives.



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About Deep Dive Edition

​ADPList Genius Hours: Deep Dive Edition is conversations and insights delving into our most difficult inner workings so that we creative people can heal, grow, and eventually become our best selves

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Did You Mean to Do That? Intentionality for Creatives

Are you the driver in your life, or are you just along for the ride? From how you approach your day, to how you format your portfolio, to how you plan your career, intentionality plays a huge role. But how intentional are you actually being? Attendees will learn methods to put to use right away in creating, then living, the life they want.


ADPList Host 🎉

Jarell Alvarez — Product Designer & Community Founder at Copperleaf

Jarell is currently designing enterprise software for utility companies to help them make better decisions that make a better world at Copperleaf. On the side he volunteers at ADPList and BCIT as a mentor, regularly hosts or speaks at local meetups and events, and started a local design community in April 2020 with over 500 members.

Fun fact: He couldn't speak until he was four years old


About Our Speaker 🎙️

🇺🇸  Cami Travis-Groves — Self-employed Transformational Coach

As a recovering graphic designer, Cami has had 30 years of design experience and has worked with all types of organizations: from academia to agencies, from startups to international non-profit corporations. Cami is now a transformational coach specifically for creatives, an international speaker, and an author based in the Kansas City area. She's probably best-known for her good juju, spreading it wherever she goes.

Fun Fact: Cami was once interviewed by the BBC program "Stormont Today" while visiting Northern Ireland. It was kind of an accident.

About Our Guest

🇳🇿 Irina Belova Product Design Manager at Clio

Irina manages a team of product designers at Clio, a Vancouver-based company on a mission to transform the legal experience for all. She’s been working in design for over 15 years, meandering from typesetting novels to wayfinding design in buildings to UX and product design.

Fun fact: Irina is an Australian who doesn’t like Vegemite.


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