ADPList Genius Hours #2: Desire, Perspective, and Baby Steps



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About Deep Dive Edition

ADPList Genius Hours: Deep Dive Edition is conversations and insights delving into our most difficult inner workings so that we creative people can heal, grow, and eventually become our best selves

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Desire, Perspective, and Baby Steps: What do you really want, and how will you get there?

Attendees will discover and record what their big, juicy life goals are, gain perspective on what they've accomplished thus far, map out baby steps for progress toward their goals, and grow confidence for the future


ADPList Host 🎉

🇦🇺 Bronwen Rees — Head of Design at Prime Motive

Previously based in London as a digital designer with 8 years of experience working for established London based design agencies and independent clients. I am now based in Melbourne, Australia, and am Head of Design for Prime Motive. My role as a female design leader is to build up and mentor a generation of great women designers. I aim to level the playing field through collaborative and progressive thinking and taking on the varied challenges that our industry brings to us.

Fun fact: For a number of years, she used to be able to ride a unicycle.


About Our Speaker 🎙️

🇺🇸 Cami Travis-Groves — Self-employed Transformational Coach

As a recovering graphic designer, Cami has had 30 years of design experience and has worked with all types of organizations: from academia to agencies, from startups to international non-profit corporations. Cami is now a transformational coach specifically for creatives, a national speaker, and an author based in the Kansas City area. She's probably best-known for her good juju, spreading it wherever she goes.

Fun Fact: She has the honorific (and somewhat silly) title of Lady and can be referred to as Lady Cami Travis-Groves, but no curtseying or bowing is necessary.


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