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Genetic Testing: Implementation Through Functional Medicine

Hosted by Rupa Health
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​​​​In this live class on ​​​Genetic Testing: Implementation Through Functional Medicine by Dr. Hailey Heard Arnold you’ll take home the following:

Genetics can provide a blueprint to your client's wellbeing, especially in relation to diet and lifestyle. During this presentation, Dr. Hailey Heard Arnold will walk us through how to interpret genetic testing in a clinical setting. Paired with other functional labs, genetic testing can help you custom-tailor a care plan that prioritizes food choices, necessary supplementation, and daily habits to allow for optimal health.

As the co-founder of DNA RX, Dr. Arnold created a genetic panel that covers a variety of systems, especially carb and fat metabolism, nutrient needs, detoxification, and food or environmental sensitivities. Each section of the panel can apply to a variety of patients and practice types. With easy-to-understand guides and clinical education, Dr. Arnold walks practitioners through the implementation and mastery of nutrigenomics. 

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