Cover Image for Generative AI 101 in Swift
Cover Image for Generative AI 101 in Swift

Generative AI 101 in Swift

Hosted by try! Swift World
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We're living through an inflection point in history, machines that can think, paint and talk! Yet there's a frustrating lack of introductory content for Swift developers. This workshop is one of many that will be covering the fundamentals of how to leverage generative AI in Swift.

In this one, we'll answer the following questions together:

  • How are LLMs connected to external tools? How does ChatGPT browse the internet?

  • What are text embeddings? Why are they relevant to LLMs?

  • What can't you do with AI? They're not parrots nor genies, so what are they not good for?


  • macOS Sonoma (14.3)

  • Xcode 15.2

  • OpenAI Key