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Generative AI May Meetup

Hosted by Soumyadeep Mukherjee, Nirant & Divya
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Bengaluru, Karnataka
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​In the last 4 months, we had a Demo Day Meetup in February, a Deep Coffee Hack, a Hackathon and a April meetup which saw a stellar demo on a chatbot for farmers, evaluating question answering from a Llama Index contributor and an Intro to Model Quantisation from Amod Malviya

We are continuing with our May Meetup -- this time being more directed to visual media - images, videos, games etc.

First Talk is by Vignesh, Founder and CTO of who is going to make sure you understand unet, an important part of diffusion models. This is a technical talk with pre-requisites of some engineering and basic math.

​Second Talk is by Amogh, Product Manager at who is here to make sure you can compose really complex images using stable diffusion and will give tips and tricks on how to be more deterministic with your creations.

​Followed by some socialising and impromptu discussions on whats going on with AI.