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Cover Image for generational activism - a workshop
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generational activism - a workshop

Hosted by Rishikesh Tirumalai
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Generational Activism is the premise that by working on our relationship with our ancestry – whatever that means to each of us – we are also participating in the creation of a new world.

For many of us, lineage is the most challenging and confronting frontier of personal development work. And yet, many of us are drawn to it because of how deep the stories and patterns cut. Each of us is an ancestor in the process of becoming.

We shouldn't have be doing this in isolation.

Led by Rishi, this is a laboratory space inviting participants to navigate family dynamics with integrity, clarity, and purpose.

It's a space where one can personally explore how they want to relate to their family line and receive support, structure, and accountability through dialogue and community.

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4 Going