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BitBasel Space Tonic @ Bitcoin Art Gallery

Hosted by BitBasel
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Miami, Florida
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Join us for a remarkable evening at the innovative Bitcoin Art Gallery for the inaugural BitBasel VIP-only Space Tonic, where art, technology, and space converge.

Witness exclusive art pieces set to be sent to the moon as digital twins via the Lunaprise Mission, preserved for over 1 billion years on an indestructible time capsule, epitomizing the fusion of art and technology in celestial realms.

Delve into a night of stimulating conversations, extraordinary networking opportunities, avant-garde art displays, and immersive experiences. Be part of a gathering where creative visionaries and pioneering innovators unite, giving rise to groundbreaking ideas.

8:00 pm - 9:00 pm - Web3 Leadership Strategy Session, presented by Samuel Armes of the Florida Blockchain Business Association

9:00 pm - 10:00 pm - Lunaprise Lunar Museum: Mission Overview by Space Blue, presenting the first lunar museum mission and moon-bound art showcase

Please note that BitBasel Space Tonic is an invitation-only event for a select audience of leaders and influencers. Apply early to secure your place in this exclusive assembly.

Seize this opportunity to explore a world of cutting-edge innovation and boundless imagination focused on space exploration.