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Cover Image for Carnivore Delicacy Potluck
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Carnivore Delicacy Potluck

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San Francisco, California
Past Event
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About Event

A potluck of interesting and unusual animal source foods. Everyone prepares and brings a cool dish.

We have 16 planned dishes currently:

  • Homemade beef jerky (Adam)

  • Chinese sausage (Athena)

  • Homemade deer/elk sausage (Jordan)

  • Ora King Salmon (Gytis)

  • Healthy Amish ice cream (Chris)

  • Homemade beef bacon (Chris#2)

  • Homemade Balut and/or Dinuguan (Michael)

  • Homemade peking duck (Nick)

  • Brain, else kidney (Zach)

  • Stir fry spicy pork, or pork belly (Dan)

  • sous vide steak (Alex)

  • Beef heart (Chris#3)

  • Century egg dish? (Milly?)

  • Aguachile/Ceviche (Daniel)

  • Alligator tenderloin (Kyle)

  • Roasted duck (Ming)

Location: Alamo Square SF


Hit "apply" and let me know what dish you're excited about bringing.

Check out this document for dish ideas:

  • Please prepare/bring enough food for ~20 people to try your dish.

  • You may bring one +1 (or more if you bring more food:)

  • Share this event with your animal food-loving friends


  • 2-2:30 PM: Bring food

  • 2:30-2:45 PM: Pay respects to the wonderful delicious megafauna humans ate to extinction

  • 2:45-4:30 PM: Eat

  • 4:30 PM - 4:45 PM: voting & awards ceremony?

  • 5 PM: clean up & depart

Let me know if you have other ideas for fitting activities:)

Encouraged ingredients

  • Meat

    • (Ideally red: beef, lamb, venison, bison:)

  • Fish

    • (Ideally: types that are low in heavy metals)

  • Animal products

    • Butter

    • Milk

    • Cheese

  • Honey

  • Salt

Recs for low toxicity cooking

Optional but encouraged cooking guidelines, per natural health aesthetic:

  • Use cast iron or stainless steel cookware, but not non-stick / teflon, ceramic, or other materials.

  • Use glass containers, not plastic containers, for hot or liquidy dishes.

  • Avoid aluminum foil.

  • (More details here)


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San Francisco, California
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