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Safe Space for K12 Leaders

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While the precise origin of the safe space concept remains unclear, some attribute it to the 1960s women’s movement. It emerged as a means to establish protective environments for women against violence and foster a community for driving change. Activist Moira Kenney notes that within the women’s movement, a "safe space" was a means rather than an end – not just a physical location but a space formed by women coming together in search of community. The term "safe space for K-12 leaders" refers to an environment where leaders in the K-12 education system feel secure, supported, and able to express themselves without fear of judgment or reprisal.

In the context of K-12 education, establishing a safe space involves cultivating an inclusive and respectful culture within the school or educational institution. This includes encouraging open communication, promoting collaboration among leaders, providing professional development opportunities, ensuring confidentiality, and addressing the emotional aspects of leadership. Creating this safe space is crucial for building a strong and collaborative educational community, benefiting both leaders and the students they serve.

Join us in the upcoming Play and Learn Event with Michael Bronder as we delve into the underlying reasons behind the necessity for securing safe spaces for school leaders and their impact on the school system.

Mark your calendar for November 30th at 12:00 PM Eastern Time.

TomoClub is a Game-based Social Emotional Learning curriculum aligned with CASEL and State Standards in US schools. Unlike the traditional textbook or recorded video-based curriculums that have been around for decades, TomoClub is designed to adapt to the evolving needs and learning preferences of students.

The impact of our game-based approach has been truly encouraging. In the three school networks where we are currently piloting, we've witnessed improvements in attendance, a reduction in behavioral issues, and an enhancement in mental well-being, all contributing to overall academic advancement.

The session will be moderated by TomoClub.

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