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Beginner's Guide to Tableau

Hosted by General Assembly
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This free class gives you hands-on practice telling visual stories with data in one of today’s most popular data visualisation tools, Tableau.

About This Class

When: 3pm SGT / 6pm AEDT / 7am GMT.

Why are Tableau skills important? We’re glad you asked.

According to MIT, the human brain can process an image in just 13 milliseconds. To be an effective data storyteller, you need to understand the best visualization tools to capture your audience’s attention.

Join us for a free, 2-hour class to get hands-on practice with the basics of Tableau and find out if a career in data is the right path for you.

You’ll learn basic data visualisation techniques and tools used to describe, analyse, and communicate data in a business setting. Then, apply what you’ve learned to a real-world dataset in Tableau to hone your skills.

Bonus: there will be time at the end for live Q&A with the instructor. We’ll see you in class.


You’ll leave this class with:

  • An understanding of the psychology behind data visualisation.

  • Basic knowledge of dimensions, measures, and major data types.

  • The ability to identify and create Tableau’s primary chart types.

  • Hands-on practice building interactive filters to better explore your data.

  • Confidence to continue practicing data visualisations in Tableau.


  • This is an entry level class, so no prior knowledge is necessary.

  • We’ll send an email with class materials and the Zoom link prior to class.

  • Note: your mic and camera will be off for the duration of the class.

  • A recording will be shared via email after filling out our in-class survey.

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