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Group Circling (Relational Mindfulness)

Hosted by Nat Couropmitree
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What's Group Circling'?

Circling is a 30-minute relational mindfulness session via Zoom that allows you the opportunity to develop self-awareness, deepen in presence and make space for your humanity.

This practice expands your capacity to embrace uncertainty, to be with discomfort, to be intimate with life and appreciate the richness of being alive.

Here's how it works:

·     You show up
·     I guide the group to 'get present'
·     One person agrees to become the focus of our relating
·     Collectively we explore, ask questions and share impact as we get to know what it's like to be this person in that moment while also getting to know ourselves
·     We close the session at time

Hope you'll join us!


“Circling with Nat feels like permission to explore who I am. He brings a grounded, unwavering presence that gives me the sense of being held. This kind of “safety net” allows me to play around at my edges, discover new territories of my being that were previously hidden. I’m very grateful to circle with Nat… I find our circles to be nourishing, enriching and alive.”

– Alex Doll