Cover Image for CBD Journey & CannaCon 2024
Cover Image for CBD Journey & CannaCon 2024
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CBD Journey & CannaCon 2024

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About Event

CBD Journey & CannaCon 2024, the largest CBD/Hemp expo & conference in Japan, will be held on Nov 15th and 16th, 2024. With the recent groundbreaking legal reform in Japan and the nation's commitment to GX (Green Transformation), the CBD/Hemp industry is poised for explosive growth. Amidst this exciting backdrop, we are thrilled to create a vibrant space where enthusiasts can gather to celebrate, expand their knowledge, and engage in lively exchanges surrounding all aspects of the burgeoning CBD/Hemp sector. As Japan stands on the precipice of this transformative moment, our venue aims to be at the forefront, capturing the energy and enthusiasm ignited by these historic changes.

Please refer to the online guidebook below for details about the event.

CBD Journey & CannaCon 2024 Online Guide Book

Event Overview:

  • Event Name: CBD Journey & CannaCon 2024

  • Dates:

    • November 15th (Friday) BUSINESS DAY

    • November 16th (Saturday) COMMUNITY DAY

  • Timeline:

    • 11:00AM - 6:00PM on both days

    • After Party will be held 7:00PM-8:30PM on Nov 15th

  • Venue:

    • Name: LUMINE 0

    • Address: NEWoMan Shinjuku 5F, 5-24-55 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (Google Map)

  • Admission Fee: Free of charge (※Registration is required through this page)

  • Registration: Please register on this page. For Japanese speakers, please click here.

  • For who?:

    • BUSINESS DAY is for Businesses

    • COMMUNITY DAY is for Everyone who are interested in CBD/Hemp.

  • Organizer:


  • CBD Journey: To promote a healthy CBD/Hemp industry by creating opportunities for networking and dialogue.

  • CannaCon: To learn about various issues related to hemp/medical/industrial cannabis and explore the possibilities of hemp-related fields.


  • CBD/Hemp related companies' exhibitions, product experience

  • Presentations and panel discussions by experts in CBD/Hemp related fields

  • Networking party

  • CBD/Hemp products gift from sponsors

  • NFT for visitors

Participating Companies:

Coming soon.

About the Past Events:

For the past five events, we have been largest exhibitions/conferences/festivals on CBD/Hemp in Japan. We have created a space for both businesses and consumers to enjoy and learn. Click HERE for details of past events.

How to join as sponsors, exhibitors, partners?:

We cordially invite CBD/Hemp-related businesses, media outlets, and influencers who resonate with the purpose of CBD Journey, which is "to healthily promote the CBD/Hemp industry by creating opportunities for encounters and dialogues," to consider participating as exhibitors, sponsors, or media/community partners. We look forward to hearing from you through our inquiry form.

Lumine 0
Japan, 〒151-0051 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Sendagaya, 5-chōme−24−55 NEWoMan Shinjuku 5F
Directly connected to the Newoman mall and Shinjuku's bus terminal.
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Japan's Largest CBD/Hemp community's events.
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