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We live in strange times. Some say apocalyptic times. Others say we are on the verge of a spiritual golden age. Will our freedoms continue to erode in 2022. Will the pandemic insanity continue? Is there war on the horizon? What will the esoteric community look like in 2022?

Make sense of it this New Year’s Eve as NYC’s top spiritual teachers, seers and trends forecasters usher in 2022 with their visions for the new year. Raise your vibrations with blessings and meditations.

Join Esoteric Guides for its second annual New Years Eve Prediction and trends show. NYC’s top spiritual teachers, psychics, astrologers and healers will offer their predictions and blessing for the year ahead. Scott Michael Harney will host this uncensored and enlightening event.

Guests include:

9-Introduction: Scott MIchael Harney

9-9:15 Asa Hershoff, spiritual teacher and natural doctor

9:15-9:30. Anthony J. Russell, Zodiac Lounge

9:30-9:45.   Mark Stavish, Director Institute of Hermetic Studies

  9:45-10:00.   Craig Williams, author of Cult of Golgotha, Entering the Desert and Tantric Physics, vol 1 and 2

1000-10:15 William Stickevers, director Global Tranformation Astrology

10:15-10:30.  Raja Choudhury, director A Thousand Suns Academy

  10:30-10:40. Skydin Zeal, metaphysical artist

   10:40-1050.   Mitchell Rabin, A Better World TV

    1050-1105. Alan Steinfeld, New Realities TV, author Making*Contact

    1105- 11:15 - Marianna Leah , channel and healer

     11:15-11:30  Steven Speers, occult researcher

     11:30-1145 Joseph Jones/Wendy Gerkman

     11:45 - midnight Mehernaz Madon, astrologer

12:00-to the witching hour  - Lady Rhea, Witch Queen of NYC

                              Damon Stang, Tarot Reader

                              Daisy Ortiz, Love Witch from the Bronx

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