Startups: Unicorns vs 10M€ bootstrapped companies. w/ António Lucena de Faria



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Welcome to the 7th episode of Season 11 of Productized Podcast. In this season, we are talking about the future of our cities. What if cities cared more about their digital products and services and treated their citizens like customers they want to retain? If the mayor would be the equivalent of the CEO, who would take the role of an eventual Chief Product Officer? More importantly, what transformations and improvements could this bring about for lives as citizens as a whole? This is the podcast where innovators, geeks, creators, and entrepreneurs, come to discuss impactful ideas.

In this episode, André will talk to António Lucena de Faria. António is from Porto and has over 40 years of experience in building and managing companies and start-ups - because he started when he was a teenager! He led the creation and development of more than 10 companies, having started his first IT company with the launch of Methodus Sistemas in 1987. He is a founding member of Startup Portugal, representing Fábrica de Startups. At Fábrica, António is designing, validating and adjusting the Business Model, and contacting investors and entrepreneurs. Promoting the business and finding business opportunities. Fábrica de Startups is an innovation hub, providing acceleration to startups in three stages: pre-validation (problem and solution validation), validation (product and market) and launch (go-to-market), and where starting entrepreneurs can seek help in developing their business ideas and growing their startups.

We are looking forward to this contentful and exciting podcast! We will cover many startups-related topics, such as:

  • How to be a successful entrepreneur?

  • What are the differences between Unicorns and 10M€ companies?

  • Is it possible to develop a startup in line with your passions in this demand-driven economy?

And not only! Be sure to join our LIVE and engage in the discussion through your questions in the comments of the broadcast.
PRODUCTION This podcast is hosted by André Marquet, with research by Evelina Bogdiun and sound editing by Miguel Sousa.

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