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AI in the Newsroom: Friend or Foe?

Hosted by Joyce@ACJR & Molly Jane
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The recent disclosure by CNET that it's using AI to write stories raised eyebrows among journalists: what's next? In a recent Washington Post article responding to the news: "CNET’s editor, Connie Guglielmo, called her site’s use of AI “an experiment” aimed not at replacing reporters but to assist their work. “The goal is to see if the tech can help our busy staff of reporters and editors with their job to cover topics from a 360-degree perspective,” she wrote.

News orgs have been using AI for years to analyze data. “The difference now is that the automation is not disrupting manual work, but is instead disrupting highly creative work that was thought to be outside the reach of automation,” said Hany Farid, UC Berkeley professor and AI expert.

Join us as we dive into the topic and discuss the pros and cons of using AI in the newsroom. Will it help or hurt journalists and editors?


Nik De @nikde, Reporter, editor covering policy/regs at CoinDesk

Sarah Kopit @SarahKopit, Editor-in-chief at The Block

Moderator: Molly Jane Zuckerman @MollyJZuckerman

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