Cover Image for Future of Research Summit by UATX & DraperU
Cover Image for Future of Research Summit by UATX & DraperU
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Future of Research Summit by UATX & DraperU

Hosted by Suffiyan Malik & 4 others
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The University of Austin (UATX) & Draper University


Future of Research Summit

The University of Austin (UATX) and Draper University are partnering to host a summit focused on a shared passion: the Future of Research. The event will feature presentations by VCs, scientists, academics, and Tim Draper on how startup universities can create new models for applied research and commercialization to rejuvenate America’s innovation pipeline.


3:00pm - 3:30pm: VC Panel, “Who’s Funding Innovative R&D?”

Universities are no longer go-to places for cutting-edge research initiatives. What changed? Where is major investment capital now allocated? Academia and VC firms need to rethink how they work together in order to accelerate and commercialize R&D at a faster rate. High regulation, high CapEx, fewer builders—there is so much to discuss!

Moderator: Suffiyan Malik & Panelists: Mike Maples, Anurag Chandra, and Sebastian Caliri

3:30pm - 3:45pm : “Launching STEM at a Startup University”

The key to creating a university STEM program from scratch is leveraging relationships with private industry. UATX is developing partnerships with forward-thinking companies to foster applied research and workforce development as well as transform the university curriculum for the 21st century.

Presenter: David Ruth, Dean of STEM at UATX

3:45pm - 4:00pm : “The UATX Bioastronautics Initiative”

UATX is establishing a new, state-of-the-art DNA sequencing facility. Under the direction of Dr. Eliah Overbey, a leading genomicist, the lab will cater to two primary functions: general DNA and RNA sequencing services and astronaut biospecimen analysis. The latter will position UATX at the forefront of research in bioastronautics and human health in space. 

Presenter: Eliah Overbey, Professor of Bioastronautics at UATX

4:00pm - 5:00pm: “A Fireside Chat with Tim Draper”

R1 Research universities consume large amounts of public funding, but their tech transfer offices are notoriously bureaucratic and slow. Less than 2% of OpEx in the average public company is funneled to R&D. By contrast, UATX is creating new models for applied research and aggressive commercialization in the most important areas for innovation, geopolitically: quantum computing, Space Tech, AI, and cryptocurrencies. What advice does Tim Draper have for UATX as it looks to fill the gap?


Tim Draper: Founder of DraperU & Keri Waters: CINO at UATX

5:00pm - 6:00pm: Networking Reception

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171 Going