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Why the Future of Tech is Human-Centric with Alan Dix

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In the 21st century, technology is the ultimate double-edged sword. 

Technology defines how we work, live, learn, play, and communicate. Overall, it empowers us in so many ways. On the other hand, some argue that technology is too present in our life and has too much control.

This is a worry for many parents, especially when kids are using technology to facilitate their education and learning.

With a life that revolves around technology, how can we ensure that these tools, devices, platforms, and more aren’t doing more harm than good?

What’s needed is an approach to technology that is human-centric. This means putting the human experience at the center of the design to ensure that our use of technology is purposeful, fulfilling, and can expand opportunities for learning.

It’s this exact intersection that interests Alan Dix. 

Alan  is an entrepreneur, academic, researcher, author and father who is interested in the intersection of people and technology.  Alan is the Director of the Computational Foundry (Computer Science) with Swansea University, the Welsh Government, and the European Commission to promote ground-breaking digital research with a real impact on society.  

Alan was one of the first academics to recognize the potential dangers of gender, ethnic and social bias in black-box machine learning systems.  He has a new book being published on the design of physical-digital products and is working on another book on AI for Social Justice. 

Alan is also the co-founder of two tech companies, has developed intelligent lighting, worked in local government and even submarine design. He is also involved in the education technology space for the past 8 years and, along with his wife,  home educated his children. 

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