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Future of design: trends, tech, and products with Design Theory

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How will the future of design look like? How would it impact you? How can you stand out as a designer with this knowledge?

Attend this talk with John (Design Theory) and ask questions about emerging tech topics that interest you - whether that be artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, data science, industrial design, and more 👀

Submit any questions you have about the future of design with John when you sign up via Luma!

🐰 About our speaker

John Mauriello is an intensely driven independent designer and the founder of the Design Theory YouTube channel, which has 150,000+ subscribers and millions of views. He is also an adjunct professor of industrial design at California College of the Arts. His work has been featured in top-tier publications such as Forbes, Tech Crunch, Venture Beat, Design Boom, Popular Science, and many others. John's passion is to explore the edges of creativity with new tools, processes, and philosophies. He has done design work for companies such as Amazon, Logitech, Qualcomm, Kohler and Slingbox, as well as with several startups like Eatsa and ElectroSpit.

Connect with John: YouTube | Instagram | Behance | Twitter | LinkedIn

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