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Raising Your First Round in This 'Funding Winter'

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Winter is coming!

There couldn't have been a more apt one-liner that would perfectly sum up the sentiment of the startup ecosystem over the past few weeks.

If you are an entrepreneur starting up you may have thought of these questions:

  • Has a 'funding winter' begun?

  • If so, does it affect seed and pre-seed startups?

  • Also, what would valuations look like?

  • How does bootstrapping work?

  • What metrics should you be working on?

  • How do you reduce burn?

  • How is hiring going to work?

To alleviate these concerns, we at Ankur Capital have come up with a panel of seasoned investors and operators to alleviate your concerns and help you raise your first round during this funding winter.

The panelists are:

  • Mohammed Zeeshan, CEO at MyCaptain

  • Pearl Agarwal, Partner at Eximius VC

  • Abdul Paravengel, CEO at Hav & Super Angel

  • Sarath Sura, Super Angel

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