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Freelance Fundamentals Sessions

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Find your bearings as a freelancer.

Join Freelancers Hub Expert, Josiah Forgath in a 1:1 collaboration session to map out your freelancing endeavors. You may be exploring the idea of freelancing for the first time or are a veteran freelancer pivoting to explore new horizons.

Our conversation will prepare you for your next move by helping you recognize what tools, resources and people can support your journey so you can go the distance.

If you want to approach your craft with an open mind and are willing to share your challenges and aspirations without feeling pressure to prove yourself in the conversation — this discussion is meant for you!

You will walk away with new perspectives and renewed energy to make the most of your freelancing opportunities.

New session availability drops every week on Wednesdays. Can't find a session that works for you? Send in your questions via video or text on-demand and receive a personalized response from Josiah on an upcoming Tuesday!

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