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Cover Image for Fund Modelling in VC: Assumptions Sheet Construction
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Fund Modelling in VC: Assumptions Sheet Construction

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This advanced fund modelling session focuses on creating an assumptions sheet for a VC fund model. We'll explore three key areas (Core Assumptions, Asset Development, and Equity Valuation Dynamics) to demonstrate their impact on fund performance.

You'll receive an assumption sheet template in advance, and the session will focus on examining how assumptions affect fund performance, tailored to the information you provide upon registration.

Who should participate

Ideal for Emerging Fund Managers, Established VCs, Family Office and CVC employees, and HNIs in venture capital.

Time Commitment

This is a 2-hour online workshop consisting of:

  • An overview of the three key assumption groups (Core Assumptions, Asset Development and Equity Valuation Dynamics) and their foundational role in VC fund modeling.

  • Collaboratively constructing an assumptions sheet.

  • Analyzing the impact of various assumptions sheets, customized based on your investment strategy information provided at registration.

  • Evaluating the effects of selected levers, chosen according to your registration details.

  • Q&A

Key Learning Points

  1. Assumptions Sheet Development: Learn to construct a comprehensive assumption sheet, vital for accurate VC fund modelling. We'll guide you through using a template provided a week before the session.

  2. Assumptions Sheet Analysis: Delve into personalised analysis of how different assumptions influence fund performance. This tailored approach ensures relevance to your specific context.

  3. Strategic Levers: Explore the effects of strategic levers on fund outcomes to understand their impact on your fund's success.

  4. Insights From Your Input: Analysis crafted from your and other registrants' reported investment strategies. Additionally, we'll explore strategic levers selected based on registrant requests, offering actionable insights tailored to your needs.

  5. Interactive Construction: Engage in a hands-on exercise to collaboratively build an example assumption sheet, enhancing your understanding and application of fund modelling principles.


Marc Penkala, Co-Founding Partner of āltitude, is a seasoned venture capitalist with extensive experience and expertise in fund modeling. As a former Investment Director and active angel investor, his insights are invaluable for emerging VCs

David Cruz e Silva is the founder of, Europe’s Venture Community, and an angel LP supporting European early-stage funds and their breakout companies. His unique experience and positioning are invaluable for emerging VCs and LPs navigating European VC.

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