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[DPP Groups] Consulting Interest

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Every month the Donor Participation Project breaks into small groups to deep dive and discuss ideas from a previous Lunch Analysis session.

​​These small groups are meant to facilitate sharing of ideas and experiences, an environment for asking questions and peer support for your current challenges.

Join us for this monthly lunch of the DPP Consulting Interest Group!

Group Chair: Perry Radford

Thank you so much to everyone that has joined our first or second meeting! To better aid the group in networking, building community, and helping each other navigate the consulting space, we've created a Slack. If you have specific questions you want to discuss in the monthly call, please post them in the Slack. If you are new to Slack and would like some help navigating it, send me a message and we can schedule a 10-min Zoom for me to walk you through it.

You may ​​contact Perry ( to know more about this Group.

​​​*Guidelines for Chairs

​​​**Please contact Louis ( if you'd like to volunteer or create your own group.**

​​About: The Donor Participation Project is a fundraiser community of 2,800+ who get together to co-create solutions that improve donor participation. Main site | Press: Chronicle of Philanthropy, NonprofitPRO