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Bright Moments Berlin is pleased to present FSM by Julian Hespenheide. Join us to view the works on exhibition designed by Julian himself and paired with sounds by DJ CHENG NWSH.

FSM is a visual grid-system based on autopoiesis, the principle of self-organization through self-reproduction central to cybernetics. At the heart of FSM is a computational mechanism, a finite-state machine (FSM), which generates sequences of visual outputs by activating particular agents and cycling them through varying sets of configurations.

The grid-system in FSM is segmented along three axes: horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. This segmentation constitutes the machine’s parametric space. Certain agents and configurations are programmed to appear exclusively in specific grid segments, illustrating a principle of spatial distribution.

Spatial distribution is mirrored by temporal distribution. Specific agents and configurations are set to emerge at predetermined time intervals. This interplay turns FSM in a self-organizing system living on the blockchain.

Julian-Anthony Hespenheide (Bremen, 1986*) is a German designer, creative coder, and educator in the fields of creative technology and new media arts. In his work, he is interested in the processes and outcomes of the interplay of the field of cybernetics in conjunction with science, art, technology, and design.

His works frequently take the form of installations in physical space and generative systems. In his practice, Hespenheide closely investigates our technological and digital past, tracing their paths back to our current understanding of new media. His work has been exhibited internationally, and he has collaborated with a variety of cultural institutions, museums, and galleries. Hespenheide holds an MA in Digital Media from the University of the Arts Bremen in Germany.