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Visual Storytelling: Draw to win! - FREE workshop

Hosted by Axelle Vanquaillie
Past Event
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Unravel complexity with visual storytelling

 Do you sometimes experience that something that seems obvious to you, seems like rocket-science to others?  It’s called the curse of knowledge. It’s a cognitive bias that occurs when you communicate with others and assume that they have the background to understand and interpret your information.This might happen to you more often than you think… So what can you do about it?

 The secret is… visual storytelling.

1.     Storytelling because you give meaning to words, and you connect emotionally with your audience. Avoid to use ‘buzzwords’  like exponential growth, customer centricity, without bringing them to live with a story

2.     Visual because you make information easier to digest, to understand and to remember. Research has shown in many ways by translating information into a drawing, you reduce complexity and increase understanding.

In this 75 minutes workshop, you will discover how to build up your story in a visual way.

Drawing talent is not needed at all! I promise you.

Hope to see you then!

Enjoy the summer,

Warm regards, Axelle