Cover Image for FRP Unconference, hosted by Flashbots
Cover Image for FRP Unconference, hosted by Flashbots
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FRP Unconference, hosted by Flashbots

Hosted by Sarah Allen & 3 others
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Please join us for a virtual unconference to celebrate the success of Flashbots Research Proposals (FRP) with a selection of lightning talks and a town hall, hosted in Gather Town!


FRP is a grants program that Flashbots uses to fund community research, work with collaborators, and ensure that researchers beyond our internal team have the resources they need to illuminate the dark forest. While FRPs have existed since early Flashbots, our pace of grants-making accelerated in the past year. Through FRP, we want to ensure that MEV is not only one of the most intellectually engaging areas to do research, but also one where passionate researchers can always find funding and support for their work.

In the past year, FRP has made large strides in that direction, allowing Flashbots to support a range of external researchers including seasoned academics, ecosystem contributors, and new entrants to independent MEV research. FRP is more active than ever before, and we recently accepted FRP-42!

If you want to find out more about FRP, you can see our 2023 year in review post, FRP category in the Flashbots Forum, and past and current FRPs in the Flashbots Research Github repo.

In our first FRP Unconference, we will highlight a small number of the projects that have resulted from this grants program. We hope this will encourage the community to continue to move these areas of study forward and to join us in celebrating the accomplishments of these highlighted FRP Fellows!

This event serves to both highlight exciting FRP achievements in the last year and to make our virtual research community that assembles around FRP feel closer. We want to give chances for questions, new connections, and spontaneous side-conversations in the same way that you can expect those when attending an in-person Flashbots event. To allow for that spontaneity, we plan to use Gather.Town for this event. We will watch the invited talks (submitted as recordings before the conference) together in the Gather.Town venue and then have live Q&A and discussion sessions in rooms themed on related work topics.

Please join us for this experimental unconference :)

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