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Create your freelance manifesto

Hosted by Emma Cragg
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When we go freelance, we bring with us old habits from our lives as employees.

It's easy to forget that we're in control of how we work and who we work with.

Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to try something different or make a change.

In this workshop we'll explore what principles underpin your freelance life and guide the way you want to work.

You can expect a mix of:

  • creative activities

  • quiet reflection

  • group conversation

You will leave with your own freelance manifesto, renewed energy and inspiration to take into your daily work.

You will benefit from this workshop if you…

  • are stuck in a rut

  • want to rediscover the freedom in freelancing

  • have trouble letting go of unhelpful habits from employment

  • are looking for a fresh approach to work that ties in with what’s important to you

  • want to give yourself permission to experiment or do things differently

Join us to design a freelance life you'll love!

Previous participants said...

The questions and activities were very insightful and helpful. I spent time after the session completing my manifesto and have already taken some action based upon it.

Without knowing it, this manifesto is something I've wanted – and needed – to make for a long time – a place to store my most important philosophies and ways I WANT to work, but always forget. Now I'll have a lovely-to-look-at document ready to read every week or day, to keep me on track.

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