Cover Image for Freedom Fiesta Day 1!
Cover Image for Freedom Fiesta Day 1!

Freedom Fiesta Day 1!

Hosted by Madhurima Sappatti
Past Event
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in us in a global virtual conference around Stress Management and Freedom!

Hosted on 17th and 18th May from 9:30 AM CST to 1:30 PM CST, on both days, you can access the event as it is being streamed on Madhurima's Youtube channel!

This event is hosted by Madhurima Sappatti, a Global Stress Management Facilitator who loves to support Multi-passionate, Ambitious, Dreamers, Manage their Stress and Prevent Burnout so that they can follow their dreams without their own selves holding them back. She is currently on a mission to Make Stress Management Fun, and the Freedom Fiesta is a huge part of that mission!

With speakers from around the world, sharing their favourite stress management tips as well as experts sharing their knowledge, this is going to be a massive space for health and wellness enthusiasts!

Our intention is to destigmatize stress, raise awareness, start conversations, and open a space for people to share and support each other, in a safe and non-judgmental space!

Will you be joining us?