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AJT Conference 2022: Revive and Renew

Hosted by Alliance for Jewish Theatre
No Upcoming Sessions
This series has no upcoming sessions scheduled. Heard something is coming? Check back later!
About Event

AJT’s 2022 Virtual Conference will feature: hands-on workshops, panel discussions, conversations with theater makers and culture workers, affinity group meetings, formal and informal opportunities for networking, a range of performances, multiple Q&A with industry professionals and more!

The pricing for this event is as follows:

Full Conference Access - Day 1 and 2
$144 Non AJT members
$120 AJT Member (CODE: MEMBERFULL22)

Half Conference Sessions
$72 Non AJT members

$18 for full conference (CODE:THEATREMACHER22)

Please consider making a donation in your payment for this conference. Your donation will go directly to supporting our community members who would otherwise not be able to attend, afford a ticket.
If you have any questions email