Cover Image for VC Espresso Pitch Session: AI
Cover Image for VC Espresso Pitch Session: AI
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VC Espresso Pitch Session: AI

Hosted by AQVC Insights
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About Event

Join us for our VC Espresso Pitch session, a structured virtual event offering insights into six leading emerging US VC funds.

In line with our dedication to keeping you informed about the latest in venture capital, this event serves as your gateway to a curated deal flow experience. The objective is to enhance information gathering and build conviction in specific sectors or regions. To achieve this, we are hosting a Espresso Pitch Session: The idea of something quick, strong, and impactful, much like an espresso shot, where pre-qualified emerging managers can concisely present their funds.

Why Attend?

Focused Insights: Witness concise, 5-minute pitches from each of the VC funds followed by a quick Q&A session, presenting the best of what the VC world has to offer this month.


Our virtual setting ensures undisturbed, front-row access to each pitch. Delve into each fund's highlights in advance with a one-pager provided for each participant.

Register even if you can't attend; we'll send you the recording afterward!

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