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Cover Image for HealthTech Fireside Chat
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HealthTech Fireside Chat

Hosted by Dhruv K. Vig & Steve Caldwell
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Langar Holdings, AE Studio and DeveloperTown are co-hosting a HealthTech Fireside chat at DeveloperTown in Indianapolis on April 18th, 2024.

Join experienced HealthTech Founders, Investors, Operators & Physicians as we discuss the current trends and predictions for the HealthTech industry.

*Food and Drinks will be provided.

Event starts: 6:00 pm

HealthTech Panel: 6:30pm to 7:15pm

Food & Cocktails: 7:15 pm to End.


Moderated by Mike Kelly (DeveloperTown)

Dhruv K. Vig, Ph.D. - CEO / Founder of Langar Holdings, Inc. a HealthTech asset management company that is building a marketplace that allows investors to invest in public / private HeathTech companies. He has successfully launched the first ever pure play HealthTech ETF, currently listed on NYSE.

Prior to his founding at Langar, Dhruv worked in venture capital with a portfolio in HealthTech and co-founded a HealthTech company focused in virtual primary care.

Steve Caldwell - Program Director at AE Studio, a renowned development, data science, and design studio. Steve works with a team of researchers and data scientists tackling important challenges in AGI Alignment, Brain to Computer Interfaces, and a a variety of HealthTech related projects.

Prior to his role at AE, Steve was the Co-Founder and CTO of the Indianapolis-based startup Mandolin, which offered digital concert experiences and artist data services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Steve also served as the VP of Technology at Springbuk, where he architected and scaled a health intelligence data platform processing hundreds of millions of health claims per month.

Luke Pittman, MD - VP of Healthcare Solutions at DeveloperTown. Luke is also a practicing physician at Community Health Network, co-founder of Duett (linking Medicaid patients to vital home health services), and the Managing Partner of Pittman & Sons Capital (investing in pre-seed ventures).

With a hands-on approach to patient care and a strategic mindset in investment and entrepreneurship, Luke is committed to healing, extending beyond a clinical practice, making him a visionary force driving innovation and accessibility in healthcare.

5255 Winthrop Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220, USA
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