Stoa School: Live Q&A with Founders & Alumni



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Event Information

​Considering applying to Stoa School but have questions that you seek answers to?

​We at Stoa School recognise and respect your need for seeking clarity before you commit yourself to our rigorous selection process.

​Hence, we're running a live Q&A session on Zoom where the founders, alumni and current fellows will address your questions on anything and everything that you might want to know about Stoa School.

​Join in. We promise that you'll leave with a better sense of what you should do next :)

​Questions and Themes that we'll address

  • ​Who is Stoa School for?

  • ​Why should I enroll for Stoa School instead of an MBA?

  • ​What happens during the Stoa School live sessions?

  • ​What all can I expect to learn at Stoa School?

  • ​What is the top takeaway from Stoa?

  • ​What are the career outcomes the alumni saw?

  • ​What feedback did the alumni have for the Stoa team?

  • ​Were the alumni able to juggle their full-time job with Stoa?

  • ​Do you have any advice for me if I get into the program?

​Stoa School Panelists

​We’ll have the founders, 3-4 alumni from Cohort 1 and current fellows from Cohort 2 across experience ranges and backgrounds joining us.

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