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​Hi! Join me to learn how breathing works and effective techniques to help relieve stress, find focus, boost productivity, improve sleep and more. Join this 20 min morning breathing session and discover the benefits yourself!

​It's really simple: find a comfortable seated position or lay down and tune in via a zoom link. No previous experience needed.

​Spread the word! >> Feel free to invite your friends & colleagues. This is a donation based class (only pay if you can). All donations will support πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ I am currently collecting donations for 2 causes: 1. Transport for my family from Moldova to Amsterdam 2. Donation to local NGO's via a company that matches donations (so the impact will double!) If you would like to donate yourself, let me know if you need any suggestions (Please transfer via Tikkie or PayPal).

​Donation links: https://www.yogabody.bio/ana.kravtsenko