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‘Where focus goes, energy flows’ – Tony Robbins

👉 Do you struggle with effectively managing your attention, your energy and your time?

👉 Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, and don't have the resources to increase your concentration?

👉 What if you could actually train your focus?

Hello Tech Leaders! Lidr is delighted to host 3 of our international executive coaches and partners on their interactive and practical session: 

✅ "How savvy tech leaders optimize their focus on a world of distractions?" 

Albert X. Perez and Laura Tejada, from wavveup and Katie Stoddart, from The Focus Bee will join us to share their insights and strategies regarding focus and energy optimization, and the ripple effect on well-being, mental health, productivity, performance in work and relationships.

During the session, we will all have the chance to share our experiences, tips and tricks. So get ready to open up with the rest of the audience! 

🕐 Agenda: 

 [17.30] Opening 

 [17.45 - 18.05] How to Prioritise & Plan effectively, by Albert X. Perez  

 [18.05 - 18.15] Interactive activity in breakout rooms 

 [18.15 - 18.35] Delving into distractions, by Katie Stoddardt 

 [18.35 - 18.45] Interactive activity in breakout rooms 

[18.45 - 19:05] From Time To Energy Management Or How To Learn The Art Of Living, by Laura Tejada

[19.05 - 19.15] Interactive activity in breakout rooms 

[19.15 - 19.30] Q&A

🎙 Speakers

Wavveup is a leadership development and high-performance training company serving growing startups' founders and investors internationally, and was founded by Laura Tejada and Albert X. Pérez

Focus Bee is an international project run by Katie Stoddart, an award winning peak performance and leadership coach for founders and solopreneurs. 

See you inside!💪
Wavveup & Lidr CTO Training & The Focus Bee 

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