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Planting the Seeds for Success: How to Nurture Your Teen's purpose and Passion for College and Beyond

Hosted by Audrey Wisch & Ha Nguyen
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Navigating the college admissions journey can be daunting, particularly as your teenager enters high school. How can you effectively support their aspirations without overwhelming them with stress and anxiety? Join Curious Cardinals and Bright Horizons College Counselors for an enlightening session designed to address your concerns and demystify the college process.

We will explore:

  • How to encourage your teenager's interests and activities without imposing your own agenda

  • Why “planting seeds” in 8th and 9th grade matters more than obsessing over college 

  • The benefits of creating space for teenagers to explore their passions independently 

  • What really counts for college admissions (and what doesn’t)

  • How to have constructive conversations about college with your teen 

  • Learning to resist the urge to constantly think about college (and why you should hold off until junior year)

This panel session aims to offer a well-rounded and thoughtful perspective on empowering your teenager's journey toward college. Learn how mentorship and trust-based relationships can foster your student's success during high school and beyond. Discover a "permission structure" that eases anxiety within your family. Above all, gain confidence in your teenager's capacity to pursue meaningful possibilities that ignite their passion. A bright future awaits your teen.

Join us for an enlightening evening dedicated to nurturing their potential and preparing them for the adventures that lie ahead. Explore why, when approached appropriately, the college process becomes a natural next step rather than an all-consuming objective.

Workshop Format:

  • ​Introduce Guests on Panel [5 mins]

    • ​Audrey Wisch (CEO, Curious Cardinals)

    • ​Ian Fisher (Senior Director, Bright Horizons)

    • ​Nicole Doyle (College Coach, Bright Horizons)

    • Gilbert Guo (Educational Consultant, Bright Horizons)

  • ​Advice from various professionals: How to navigate college admissions with younger students. [35 mins]

  • ​Live Q&A for parents [20 mins]