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Flow Work: An Introduction

Hosted by Kim Gorchs
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Our cycles can be a superpower that can catapult us into new heights of self-understanding and self-mastery. Using our monthly hormonal cycle can empower us in our private and professional life!

This free masterclass will guide you on how you can use your monthly hormonal cycle in combination with meditative practice to reach deeper self-understanding, compassion, and action-taking for your daily work and private life.

Think improved self-understanding > leads to > improved self-compassion > leads to > improved communication in relationships > leads to > empowerment to structure our days and weeks and months > leads to > a stronger, more grounded you > leads to > how you show up at work > leads to > more money LOL if you want to go there :D

In any case, COME - we will have fun - I'm excited to meet you! :)


  • This masterclass is open to women and queers.

  • No, you do not have to have a regular menstrual cycle to attend. You do however have to have an interest in your cyclical nature.

  • Yes, there will be a recording and I will send it automatically to you if you are signed up.