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Layers! Layers! Layers!

Hosted by Nishant Jain
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When drawing on location, the biggest obstacle to starting is this - to face the rich complexity of the scene before us and break it down into a simpler composition.

Most people do not even pull out their sketchbooks because they are intimidated by the scenes that catch their eye. So many opportunities lost!

The mental challenge of "How to begin??" can be much larger than the technical challenge of actually drawing!

If you can relate to the above dilemma, this workshop is designed to help you.

As a Sneaky Artist drawing my world inside a sketchbook, I am always racing against the clock. My subjects may leave at anytime. My scene is always changing in small or big ways. When drawing around friends or on vacation, I never know how much time I have at a single location. To get into the habit of completing lots of drawings, I have to move with instinct and confidence.

There is no room for hesitations!


In this workshop, I will explain the ideas that help me approach complex and dynamic urban scenes, and demonstrate the techniques by which I simplify them on the sketchbook page.

The secret is - layers!

Participants will do a series of exercises to help them see and draw in layers. (Remember: before you can draw anything, you have to learn to see!)


Workshop Plan

[15 min] Intro and demo

[30 min] First exercise to become confident with large shapes and minimal details

[15 min] Second demo

[5 min] Break

[30 min] Second exercise to quickly simplify multiple scenes by layering and prioritizing.

[10 min] Final demo

[20 min] Q&A and Review of lessons

After this workshops, participants will -

🙌🏽 Observe their environment with the eyes of an artist

✒️ Draw lines with confidence and ease

💡 Take advantage of every drawing opportunity!

Note: All registered participants will get access to a private video of this session.

Hosted By
54 Going