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Startup Fundraising: Peculiarities and Pitfalls

Hosted by AfterWork Ventures & Mark "Z" Zmarzly
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Many startups will fundraise sooner or later. Founders are sometimes at a disadvantage when it comes to fundraising - after all, their expertise is in building their company, not in raising capital!

AWS are proud to bring you a panel to walk through some of the peculiarities and pitfalls in a fundraising process. We will cover:

- How to implement a fundraising process that's efficient, focused, and sets you up for success
- How to create interest under sedate market conditions
- When it comes to negotiating terms, what kinds of peculiarities to watch out for, and what pitfalls to avoid
- Common 'mistakes' that can impair a startup's future growth or funding prospects (e.g. cap table issues; warrants), and how to course correct
- How to reverse DD an investor

The panel will be 1 hour from 3:30 - 4:30pm with time before and after for networking with fellow founders!

The panelists are:

Kieran O'Neill - Investor at Tidal, a seed focused VC fund. Previously, Kieran was a co-founder at Hometime, a startup which took investment from a range of funders, including NAB Ventures and One Ventures.

Casey Flint - Senior Associate at Square Peg Capital, a $1bn+ multi-stage fund with a presence in Australia, South East Asia, and Israel. Previously, Casey worked across a range of roles at Uber.

Jessy Wu - Investment Principal at AfterWork Ventures, a pre-seed and seed stage VC fund. Previously, Jessy was an investor at NAB Ventures.

The panel will be moderated by Noga Edelstein, Director of Advisory at Tractor Ventures, which provides non-dilutive funding to technology companies.