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Product Marketing Demystified by Yaroslav Stepanenko

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Product Marketing Demystified

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by Yaroslav Stepanenko, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at MacPaw

This is a joint workshop between Productized and Yaroslav Stepanenko to encourage donations for the victims of war in Ukraine. The workshop is free, yet we expect you to donate any amount of money through MacPaw Development Foundation.


Product marketing is a known professional description, often found in the names of departments across multiple organizations in different industries and verticals. Although it is as well found in the job titles of the members of those departments, it is not a rare case when people struggle to understand the meaning behind the term product marketing.

One of the reasons for this is that product marketing is the job function that sits at the intersection of product management, sales, client success, user experience, and marketing. And, as a result, the function of product marketing varies significantly from company to company and sometimes even means different things in the same organization.

So, the question arises - What actually is Product Marketing?

Come join us to see the product marketing myths busted and get the answers to the following questions:

  • What is Product Marketing?

  • Why are PMMs hired?

  • When should PMMs be hired?

  • What should PMMs do?

  • What does the path from Insights to Decisions and Actions look like?

    • Understand the customers and define the market;

    • Craft product positioning and messaging;

    • Assemble the go-to-market plan and launch the product;

    • Measure impact, iterate and improve the strategy.

  • How PMMs are expected to travel the journey from insights to decisions and actions?

After this webinar you will finally understand the meaning of product marketing, product marketer and their role in the company. Who knows, maybe after this workshop you will decide to become one?

About the Speaker 😊

PhD Yaroslav Stepanenko is the Sr. Product Marketing Manager at MacPaw and the co-founder at Growth Marketing Stage & ConfidenceCONF.

Yaroslav is a Product Marketing professional with 15 years of experience in developing and executing growth programs for businesses in various industries and verticals. Yaroslav is an author and global speaker on growth and product marketing strategies.

Yaroslav was speaking at our Productized conference back in 2019 about building a sustainable growth strategy. The feedback on Yaroslav's speech only confirms his expertise:

One of the best presentations I watched on the PM topic.

Very Comprehensive and informative Mr. Yaroslav.


Timezone: WEST

6:00 PM Introduction

6:10 PM Talk on Demystifying Product Marketing

6:40 PM Live Q&A moderated by André Marquet

About the cause of the workshop

This event is organized for free by Yaroslav Stepanenko and Productized. However, the aim of the event is to raise donations for Ukraine at MacPaw Development Foundation, a trusted org run by Yaroslav's company. All the money will go to support the Ukrainian Army and Ukrainians in need. At MacPaw there is an allocated team to work on this cause. Remember you are not donating only for Ukraine. You are donating to help Ukraine save the rest of Europe. Ukraine is fighting for the entire civilised World, not just itself.

We invite you to contribute to the cause and in return for the workshop donate to the organization. If you wonder, how much should it be, we encourage you to think about the cost of 1 day of your normal life. Maybe it's dinner at the restaurant? Maybe a cup of coffee to go? Any amount is helpful 💙💛 Productized will contribute to the donations as well.