How to Get Your First Date with Open Source Code Contribution, Sean Ballais



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So you found an open source project that you want to help out with. It could be your favourite app, or some tool you just happen to use a lot. You excitedly decide to contribute code to that project, but you don't know where to start. If you've been in this situation or just curious about open source code contribution, you're in luck! This talk will introduce you to an alternative way to spend your time... on Valentine's Day... if you're single, and will be discussing a brief overview of what open source, the innards of code contribution, and how to get your foot into contributing code to open source.

February 13, 1:00PM PHT/GMT+8

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Sean Ballais is currently a graduating CS student studying in the UPVTC. He is a programmer most experienced in C++ and Python and is currently transitioning from web development towards the tech fields he is really into - game dev, game engine dev, and graphics programming. He is also an on-and-off blogger, former programming tutor, artist, gamer, and NGSB (no girlfriend since birth). He co-founded and is a co-community manager of Dev8, a local developer community based in Eastern Visayas, Philippines, which seeks to improve the state of CS and IT in the region and connect students, tech enthusiasts, and developers in the region with each other. Outside of tech, he plays video games, reads articles, mangas, and books, scrolling through Reddit and Facebook, thinking about and discussing with friends various topics, and watching anime and Youtube videos.

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