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Get your first draft ready

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Are you sitting on a brilliant idea that's just waiting to be put down on paper? Or perhaps you've got a half-finished manuscript gathering digital dust on your computer? Whatever stage you're at, it's time to push through the procrastination and self-doubt and get your first draft ready! Join us for a focused, two-hour session designed to help you make significant progress on your writing project.

Join us on Dec 23, 2023 for a focused two hour writing workshop. We’ll be buckling down and putting pen to paper—or fingers to keyboard—in a collective effort to cross that first draft finish line.

We understand that writing can sometimes feel like a solitary endeavor, but it doesn't have to be. This event is not just about quiet writing time; it's also an opportunity to connect with others who share your goals and challenges. Share your experiences, exchange tips, and find the motivation you need to keep the momentum going even after the session has ended.

So mark your calendar, set your alarm, and prepare your workspace for a productive morning. Remember, the only bad draft is the one you didn't write. Let's make it happen together!

21 Going