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Web3 Retail - A Fireside chat with Lacoste and Dispatch

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Byron Sorrells, co-founder and CEO of Dispatch, and Benjamin Blamoutier, Lacoste Global Consumer VP, sit down to discuss the current state of “distributed commerce” in the fashion industry, how Lacoste is navigating being a first mover in web3, and what Dispatch has built to drive the next phase of growth in this space. They will dive into Lacoste’s forays into the space, the opportunity Dispatch has pinpointed to augment the possibilities for brands, and what they expect to see emerge over the coming years.

The Dispatch Studio is open daily April 11-13 from 12:30pm-7pm on the 4th floor of Showfields.

About Dispatch

Dispatch is a distributed commerce solution leveraging web3 technology. Available on web2 and web3 channels, content is distributed directly to wallets and embedded across the web. Dispatch connects to existing OMSs and CRMs to help brands sell physical and digital goods through their own portable storefronts. Learn more at